Book indexes are created for publishers by freelancers who work at home. Indexers are scarce and their skills are in demand. There is a wide range of fees, schedules, and subject matter, offering tremendous flexibility. An aptitude for indexing includes the ability to organize concepts and the desire to work independently. No previous editorial, indexing, or computer experience is necessary to take this workshop. For more information on what indexing is like, see Is Indexing For You

This is a video of an actual workshop. It:

  • Develops your indexing judgment
  • Lets you learn from the mistakes of others
  • Contains lots of savvy info on finding work
  • Is a great confidence-builder
  • Gets you started indexing right away!
  • Includes DVD video, 30-page coursebook, sample resumes, networking & software information

The cost of the video is $179 (+ shipping & handling) and includes unlimited free phone consults.

In the video you'll learn:


A short introduction to the overall method. Most of the workshop is devoted to doing exercises. You learn how to choose entries and develop indexing judgment. Extensive discussion allows you to hear how other people index and get feedback on entries you hadn't thought of. The course comes with a 30-page course book so you can review and practice at home.


A lengthy discussion of how to find clients, market your services (including sample letters to publishers from former successful students), and negotiate fees and schedules. You learn how to establish your business and develop professional attitudes in the field of indexing.


What dedicated indexing software will and will not do for you. If you do not own a computer, you can try a few indexes without one.

For a review of the video by a member of the American Society of Indexers, bookmark this page and then click here.

Comments from former students:
Successful indexer thanks the lady who got him started: "Your Basic Indexing Skills on video played a large part in enabling me to secure customers nationwide and to quit a couple of day jobs for full-time (and very profitable) indexing here in the wilds of central Arizona." Dr. Bruce Tracy

"You were a great teacher. After we did one exercise, I'd have a bunch of questions and then you'd answer them. Then we'd do another exercise and I'd have a whole new group of questions and then you'd answer those. I think your format was perfect and covered every base. I was skeptical that I would walk away with all the appropriate information and I am no longer a skeptic." Jane Hampton-Smith

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