The Abbington Group specializes in developing content rich web sites that will guide and assist people searching for information on the Internet.

Abbington Village

The Abbington Group has been growing online since 1995. The first information aggregation project of the Group was the New England themed web site Abbington Village. Travel planning related sites are added to the New England Online Visitors Center and sites where you can shop for New England made gifts are added to the New England Online Marketplace via regular updates, making Abbington Village the Internet's most comprehensive collection of links to sites about the people, places and products of New England. Site visitors come from all corners of the globe in search of information that can help them plan a future trip to New England or help them buy the perfect "Made in New England" gift.

Other information aggregation sites developed by the Group are:

  • Life in the e-commerce lane - discussion forum for online store owners
  • Shop Web Stores - the best online stores to shop for a wide variety of products
  • Big Sur/Monterey Peninsula - travel planning information for this area of coastal California
  • The Wi-Fi-FreeSpot Directory - Wi-Fi FreeSpots are hotspot locations that offer free public Wi-Fi access.
  • The Wi-Fi FreeSpot Network - the site provides information on how to build a FreeSpot.
  • The Wired-FreeSpot Directory - lists hotels and motels that offer free guest room wired/ethernet high speed internet access.
  • - the all-in-one guide to golfhomes in Private Golf Communities and Residence and Destination Clubs.
  • Golf Real Estate West - The Guide to golf real estate and Private Golf Communities in the Western USA, Western Canada and Mexico.
  • Golf Real Estate South - The Guide to golf real estate and Private Golf Communities in the Southern USA.

The Group has also been involved in the development of several e-commerce online stores.
  • - the home of Beminders - thoughtful reminders that start with a Be - Be Happy, Be Yourself, Be Proud, Be Strong, Be Good - Do Good, Be Mindful and more - that can inspire and encourage us in our daily lives.
  • Daily Beminders - daily inspirational thoughts.
  • Special DeliverBee Greeting Cards
  • No Wasted Words Greeting Cards
  • Today I Will Be Me
  • Color The Be - free online coloring pages for kids - fun and educational
  • Mort Says- the thoughts of Mortimer T. Snugglegrass, Mort for short
  • Gorilla PoopTee Shirts - messages from the Great Behind - If the poop fits - wear it!
Our newest project for 2018 is The Abbington Group's We Support Live Music Network - where sponsors and musicians can connect and negotiate sponsorship agreements.

James Sullivan is the Founder of The Abbington Group - James worked in Internet Marketing for Multimedia Marketing Group, Cyberian Outpost/, PC Flowers & Gifts and He's been self-employed since 2001. James has a B.B.A. Degree in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts. jimsull(at)

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